Press clippings - Theater Review: Shogun Macbeth by Dana Lang
"Sacha Iskra brings Fujin MacDuff’s own tragedy heroically to life. The supporting cast (and their exciting battles) adds lots of color and emotion"

TheaterMania - Theater Review: Shogun Macbeth by Dan Bacalzo
"Sacha Iskra gives us a feisty Fujin MacDuff, and contributes nicely to one of the strongest elements in the production, which are the fight scenes, choreographed by Michael G. Chin." - Theater Review: Shogun Macbeth by Heather J. Violanti
"From its opening moments, the play casts an unearthly spell. It begins in silence. We glimpse an eerie twilight world. A giant painted Buddha sits in a central temple, serene and remote. Above him, to the left, is a silver moon. To the right is a single tree branch, sinuously afloat in the void. ... The entire cast brings a surprising physicality to their roles. ... Sacha Iskra transforms Fujin (Lady) Macduff, usually played as a shrinking violet, into an intrepid warrior. "

Back Stage - Theater review: The Joy Luck Club by Ron Cohen
"The Joy Luck Club, with its panorama of the lives of four immigrant Chinese women and their American-born daughters, is lovingly rendered in this revival by Pan Asian Repertory Theatre. ... As the daughters, Han Nah Kim, Rosanne Ma, Sacha Iskra, and Tina Chilip offer appealing characterizations" - Theatre Review: Show Choir! The Musical by Lisa Ferber
"Show Choir! - The Musical is a completely entertaining experience, and a wonderful example of having one's cake and eating it too"

The Republican - Theater Review: "Musical 'Miss Saigon' triumphant at Majestic" - by Ronni Gordon
"The singing is gorgeous in this epic show, evoking a range of emotions, and the chemistry is just right among the leads, a young Vietnamese girl (Sacha Iskra), the American GI (Chris Ashley) who falls in love with her, and the Engineer (Franc-Anton Harwart) who tries to orchestrate events in an increasingly chaotic Saigon at the end of the Vietnam War."

The Associated Press - Review: Women access their inner tigers in 'The Joy Luck Club' - by Jennifer Farrar
"The dialogue is permeated with wit, pathos and the instinct to survive. Back in China, some of the mothers used their womanly wiles and twisted the cultural limitations to get free of oppressive situations. Mothers share their formative girlhood experiences, including arranged marriages, wayward first husbands and a colourful, pageantry-laden 1918 Moon Festival. ... The acting is consistently excellent ... "

Stage Pages Online - Theater Review: A Mighty Wind by Dennis Henson
"I think someone should give this Tempest, and especially this production, its full-length due.... All of the sequences with Ariel and the fairies, played by Emily Dres Brand, Chiasui Chen, Sacha Iskra and Kimberly Villanueva work very nicely. There is very good choreography by Jennifer DiMinni with a great touch with the fairies dancing behind screen." - Interview: "The Daughters of the Joy Luck Club" by Eugene Lovendusky
"We all want to know who we are and where we come from and we find that out from looking back . . . That's what I hope people take from it."